Aliferus specialists

Aliferus is an initiative of the LM IT Group. This label defines our solution process of projects for our customers. In addition to numerous partners, six service divisons are part of the LM IT Group from which special services can be retrieved. Individually or in combination, according to each customers needs.


Introduction to the modern business world and technologies


Services around know-how of the IT-sector

Concept 49

Individual solutions for improved business processes


Event and Support solutions: global, diverse, made-to-measure

Digital Learning

Concepts and campaigns for more efficient learning

Need more success?

Which goals should we work towards to improve your company’s success? We will establish with you a concrete definition of success for your company. At the end of our partnership, we will provide a comparison of your company’s situation before and after the partnership, based on the defined goals. Let us quantify your success!

Try us. You will only benefit.

Alexander Plato
Chief Operating Officer

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