Change Management: How we manage changes

Digital transformation imposes a growing challenge that organisations must adapt to. Such a shift does not only impact the management and IT department; the entire company needs to get involved. The company’s culture and mindset of each member of staff plays a critical role in the transformation. It is only with the trust of your team, and their integration from the start of the process, that they will be able to adopt the changes, making an open and agile transition. With us, you will have a reliable partner by your side for the journey, working in tandem with you towards a common goal; building trust and scrutinising the existing structures and processes.

Important challenges of Change Management:

  • Resistance towards changes within the workforce.
  • Sticking to established patterns.

How we overcome challenges:

For Change Management to be successfully implemented, it is essential for us to adapt to each specific situation. In every case however, good communication is critical in ensuring a lasting change.

1. Starting the process, the necessity for change needs to be clearly communicated to the entire company, with core messages conveyed concisely and with full transparency.

2. The next step involves firmly defining the standards for this vision. The advantages of the change would need to be thoroughly proven. This could be achieved for example, by going over business scenarios involving the new processes and roles.

3. Employees integrated in the Change Management process should actively play a role in shaping it. It is through this that commitment to the change is built.

4. Employees drive the change. The greater the motivation for the change, the stronger its integration within the company’s culture. As such, optimal change acceptance is achieved when more employees are behind it.

5. Project Management plays a central role. We will provide you with a project leader with change, and project management expertise. They will work closely with you throughout the entire project, coordinating with you on your terms.

6. Together, we will progressively move towards success. During the implementation phase, each milestone achieved will be highlighted and celebrated.

7. Our training experts organise vivid practical scenarios where your employees can experience their new roles and learn to love them.

8. We hand over the successfully implemented project to a team of experts, who continue pushing the change with full commitment and credibility, guaranteeing the future agility and innovative capabilities of your company.

Need more success?

Which goals should we work towards to improve your company’s success? We will establish with you a concrete definition of success for your company. At the end of our partnership, we will provide a comparison of your company’s situation before and after the partnership, based on the defined goals. Let us quantify your success!

Try us. You will only benefit.

Alexander Plato
Chief Operating Officer

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