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What does success mean to you? How are you measuring your success in the digital world? We can guide you on the first steps towards digital assessment: Digital maturity level assessment and recommendations for action, based on the IMP³rove Digital Innovation Quotient



How would you move towards digitalisation? Which tools and measures, and in which areas?
Digitalisation measures beneift your company only when they quantifiably enhance the efficiency at which your company achieves its goals. We can help develop the right strategy towards this. We will analyse the level of digital maturity within your departments, in alignment with your goals, and within the context of your industry’s competitive situation. Time for clarifications and discussions is running out, let us act.


Our service

Aliferus is your partner for a quick, solution-oriented analysis of your company’s present digital innovation capabilities. We can conduct a structured assessment of your company’s current digital innovation performance, and compare it against the benchmark set by companies all across Europe.

The focus is on five dimensions:

  • Digital Innovation Strategy
  • Digital Business Model
  • Digital Process
  • Digital Ecosystem and Culture
  • Pioneer of Digital Innovation

Where do you stand?

Constant digitalisation challenges proven business models. Processes, customer communications, strategies, and especially the awareness of the staff, must be adapted to the technological transitions. We will oversee the progress of your company or its individual divisions towards digitalisation, and determine where you need to begin, in order for you to achieve your goals as efficiently and directly as possible.



Customer-specific preparation for concrete objectives and adaptation of questions


Moderated implementation of software-based questionnaires striclty in keeping with individual data security

Presentation of results

Graphical processing of the report and presenting of courses of actions in individual workshops.

Your Gains

We will prepare the result of our analysis in a graphical format for you. Your progression will be visualised at the level of each individual question, as well as the benchmark parameters selected for each of the five dimensions. This provides a multi-dimensional picture that explicitly highlights where special actions would be required, which specific strengths you could capitalise on, as well as point out the areas where your competitors are currently ahead.


Consolidation in Workshop

The results of the interview and the analysis of the moderated conversation will be put together into a company specific digital by our experts in the Aliferus Divisions Consulting, Development and Training. This strategy focused digital concept will be augmented with by concrete recommendations for action in each of the respective dimensions. This will provide you with a solid foundation to build upon through further discussions and decisions, enabling the safe and successful digitalisation of your company with the appropriate measures.


We also accompany you during implementation

The Aliferus network consists of specialists from different fields. Be it on a technical or personnel level – we will be happy to assist you in the implementation of your specific digitalisation measures and put together the necessary resources for you.

Need more success?

Which goals should we work towards to improve your company’s success? We will establish with you a concrete definition of success for your company. At the end of our partnership, we will provide a comparison of your company’s situation before and after the partnership, based on the defined goals. Let us quantify your success!

Try us. You will only benefit.

Alexander Plato
Chief Operating Officer

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