Streamlined initial processes.

Digital Maturity Level

Expenditure for the customer: 1-2 days

Very simple: Using a globally tested questionnaire (IMP³rove Digital Innovation Quotient), we analyse your digital maturity level and compare it with benchmarks provided by companies across Europe. Fast and solution-oriented.

Workshops: We help out where support is needed.
What´s your status-quo? What´s the status quo of the competition? On the basis of the first inventory (DIQ), strengths and also weaknesses become visible. In individual workshops, we will examine the identified fields of action for you. Together with you, our experts will throw light on all economic, technical, legal and organisational aspects that lead to specific options for action and “next steps”.

Do you want to skip the first positioning?

Do you know your fields of action? Great! You have already taken an important step towards to your digital transformation. In our content-specific workshops, we will work with you to develop digitilisation measures customised to your fields of action.

Selection from our workshop portfolio:

Modern Workplace

Duration: 2 days

The world of work is changing. Experience which innovative technologies are changing the workplace of the future. Which individual solutions for collaboration, security and mobility suit your company?

Modern Data (BI)

Duration: 1 day

What challenges do you have to face in order to use your data correctly and which opportunities will present themselves? Let us work together to identify the possibilities of data collection and analysis. This way we can track down the added value of your data and make it usable for you.

Modern HR

Duration: 1 day

Digitalization does not stop at the classical personnel department either. What new skills are required of employees in general and personnel in particular, and are my current HR processes prepared for them and and thereby viable for the future?

Modern Security

Duration: 2 days

Sales, purchase, development, personnel – no matter which business area you choose, data and information are the basis of today´s work. These essential values must be protected against loss and unauthorized access. How are you positioned?

Are you interested in one of our workshops?

Definition of objectives and strategy development

Where do you see your company in the future?

What are your individual goals? Based on the results of the content-specific workshops, we jointly determine the next steps along your objectives, define KPIs and develop cross-departmental strategies. You receive concrete projects from us that are precisely tailored to your specific digitalisation needs and goals, together with clear responsibilities and transparency in the implementation phase.

Effectiveness in implementation.

Guaranteed compliance with pre-defined KPIs.

We combine existing and new products, solutions and services to make our customers more successful. Before implementing our strategy, we work with you to define KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which we use to measure and track the success of our collaboration after the implementation phase. We supply all the resources, which require to implement your specific digitalisation measures.


“We often associate change with fear and uncertainty and this usually leads to resistance among those involved. From an economic point of view, however, change brings a lot of positive benefits. New opportunities arise. New fields of development are opened up. Interesting tasks and challenges are to be mastered. Old ballast is dispensed. Existing conflicts are reversed. We ensure that these positive elements are perceived and do not step back behind fears.”Christoph Twiehaus

Need more success?

Which goals should we work towards to improve your company’s success? We will establish with you a concrete definition of success for your company. At the end of our partnership, we will provide a comparison of your company’s situation before and after the partnership, based on the defined goals. Let us quantify your success!

Try us. You will only benefit.

Alexander Plato
Chief Operating Officer

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